About Us

Our Journey....

Expressive Worship was birthed, in 2005,  when two sisters were seeking ways to teach a small group of children creative ways to worship.   Nelda and her sister, Amanda, shared a desire to deepen their own experiences in worship. Holy Spirit directed them to share their own discoveries with a small class in a homeschool group. 

The class/group was aptly named "Expressive Worship". Over the course of that year, God led us to dance, human videos, and eventually, streamers first...and then flags. Something beautiful had begun.....

We made our own worship tools, and used them in the group, and at home. God had more ahead for us.  It has been a slow and steady process...from our little class, and backyards, to forming a dance and flag ministry at our church...to creating tools for local ministries and venues...and eventually establishing ways to connect with, and equip, the Body of Christ outside of our little corner of the globe. 

In 2013, God used "streamers" in the sky to inspire Nelda to dye silk.  He uses color and designs in heaven and on earth, to show us His beauty and majesty...and move us. Our silks are our attempts to capture that. From what is visible, and what is shown to us in the spirit. They also carry a prophetic nature...as do many of the color combinations of all the fabrics. Our greatest pleasure is to receive and display the things of our Poppa! 

Worship is the heartbeat of our life in Him. And His delight is for us to lavish it upon Him. Our hope is that He would use the worship flags and tools we create to draw you deeper in your own journey. That they would fill His purpose...in your hands. Selah! 


Our Purpose

The primary goal, when we began to market our creations, was to provide for and support a small number of missions. Privately,  we supplied "seed flags" and funds to several fields. As Poppa God enlarged our territory,  it became clear we needed funds to continue support where we were called to...and to do more.  

Over the years, Holy Spirit has drawn more and more believers to not only explore more expressive ways to worship...but also to use worship tools in evangelistic ministry. We are humbled and honored to be a part of that movement. We have witnessed God move in  healings, salvations, deliverance, deep revelations, and pure joy! Our prayer is to always move and evolve according to His will, and to pour into every avenue He calls us to. Because of your purchases and donations, many venues of ministry are receiving assistance. 

One of my favorite stories is of RG Letourneau. He was a successful marketplace Christian, whom God found faithful to pour Kingdom finances through. He once said, "i don't ask God how much of my finances should i give, but rather, how much of His should i keep. (He gave 90%, by the way)Another is Francis Chan. Who stepped away from a mega-church congregation to follow God's lead and faithfully pour out. Both of these men are such good examples. They sought to steward their finances with heavenly principles. Not earthly ones. 

Today, we serve and contribute to dozens of missions, ministries, and individuals...wherever the Lord leads. Its important that you know you are a part of this! Every purchase from Expressive Worship is a contribution to ministries like: Rahab's (for formerly trafficked women), Freedom to the Captives (missions in Iraq), Bridges for Peace ( in Israel), assistance and bibles for jail and prison ministries...and several more. You are planting seed with us every time we send seed flags out also! This is one reason we appreciate you so very much. We thank God for you, for the seed He provides through you, and we ask Him to multiply it back to you exponentially! 

Our secondary goal is to build and encourage the Church, in partnership with Holy  Spirit and other believers. We seek God over every "visitor". We travel to meet with groups and individuals...to teach, serve, minister, and support. Our greatest hope is for souls to discover and gain more and more of God's heart. For as long as Poppa allows us, we will labor to see it done! Selah!