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Passover And Resurrection Blessings To You!

We are praying for our nation, and all the earth, as we look to Poppa God in times of trial.

My hope is that every worshipper is pressing in deeper and deeper to the heart of Jesus. Some of us have more time at home, while others are working harder/longer hours. Please know we are fervently praying for every

one of you! Trusting God to sustain you, strengthen you, give you peace, and reveal Himself in new and astounding ways. We are also praying heavily for the harvest. A Spirit of Intercession for many things and for souls is weighing upon us. I believe, now more than ever, the Clarion Call to intercede, pray, and worship is heightened. May this season of Passover be full with awe and greater understanding of Jesus' sacrifice...for us all. Selah!

Phillipians 1:2-6 ❤️

To celebrate this holy season,  we are offering the whole site at 10% off for 10 days. 

You can use coupon code BLESS2020 at checkout. 

Coupon will expire at 12a.m. 04-10-2020


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